Friday, February 20, 2009

new In town

just watched it awhile ago..

comedy type of story..kind of like it..^^
i watched it with my lil bros..make it more interesting..
actually the moral of the story tuh, i dont really care about..
but what i really want is to spend my time with siblings more often..
do fun things crazy thing same2..laugh at each others..lalala~
skang kt umah..trus bukak laptop..hampeh!! ^^
hm..chatting..blogging..emailing..hehe..sungguh x productive ek..
xpe2..jap lg wut wut2 x nampak lak skang nih..
chaiyok2..laziness must be locked up..

things undone!!

what a mess..
undone things so messing my life up..^^
i should get it done before my life goes up side
  • shotgun cloning -undone!!
  • biostat Test 1 - unprepared!!
  • planto Lab repoto - not started yet..
  • opm article - ...dont want to think bout it!!
  • Herbarium -lalala..half-done..
  • Final plant project - waaaaa..not yet!! many things undone..making me so tensed!!

i should get started right..positive thinking is the key to lock up my laziness..

lazy..lazy..lazy..i'm so lazy..lalala~

color mood oso change..yeah!! *happy..happy*

i dont like this color but this color is my preference..why?? i talk about it later in another post..

1st post should be straight

till da next post..