Monday, June 22, 2009

study consensus life time happiness pursuit..

the coming wednesday..
24th June 2oo9..
a big day for me..
2nd last mgt paper to think bout..

study is prior to achieve finale success..
can't wait after the big day..
InsyaAllah i do my best..
guys..pray 4 my success in life..
even i know..
Allah by my side always..

Do not offer me things..please..

Do not offer me things..
Do not offer me clothes. Offer me attractives looks.
Do not offer me shoes. Offer me comfort for my feet and the pleasure of walking.
Do not offer me a house. Offer me security, comfort, and a place that is clean and happy.
Do not offer me books. Offer me hours of pleasure and the benefot of knowledge.
Do not offer me records. Offer me leisure and the sound of music.
Do not offer me tools. Offer me the benefits and the pleasure that come from making beautiful things.
Do not offer me furniture. Offer me comfort and the quiteness of a cozy place.
Do not offer me things. Offer me ideas, emotions, ambience, feelings and benefits not offer me things..