Monday, June 22, 2009

study consensus life time happiness pursuit..

the coming wednesday..
24th June 2oo9..
a big day for me..
2nd last mgt paper to think bout..

study is prior to achieve finale success..
can't wait after the big day..
InsyaAllah i do my best..
guys..pray 4 my success in life..
even i know..
Allah by my side always..

Do not offer me things..please..

Do not offer me things..
Do not offer me clothes. Offer me attractives looks.
Do not offer me shoes. Offer me comfort for my feet and the pleasure of walking.
Do not offer me a house. Offer me security, comfort, and a place that is clean and happy.
Do not offer me books. Offer me hours of pleasure and the benefot of knowledge.
Do not offer me records. Offer me leisure and the sound of music.
Do not offer me tools. Offer me the benefits and the pleasure that come from making beautiful things.
Do not offer me furniture. Offer me comfort and the quiteness of a cozy place.
Do not offer me things. Offer me ideas, emotions, ambience, feelings and benefits not offer me things..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

esok nk p mid..

hm tomolo nk p mid..
nk wut pe??actually nk jumpe yan,nurul n kimy..lame da x jumpe diowg nih..paling lame x jumpe is nurul..lepas abes f5..sket pun x jumpe die..
yan pas alvl..baru x jumpe..kimy slalu jumpe..hehe^^
pape pun..
looking forward esok..
erm kite akan jd gurl in blue esok..hehe
tata all

Friday, May 8, 2009

[H]at{e} vs _ _ _ _

[h]at[e] vs [ ]{ } [ ] [ ]
nothing much to say..people are born to hate and to _ _ _ _.
which one to choose?we dont have the right to not to just follow your intuition..what u believe..even there are so much people object wut u r doin..
i'm doin the same thing here..

so wut?

Monday, May 4, 2009

05.05 lucky number..haha

happy birthday to me..

hm..bday nih ade makne ke??xde ape pun rasenye..nothing much to be proud bout..

tp yg best nye..bile all my family members wut celebration party for me..not much..tiup2 lilin cm2 laa..hehe

da beso aku nih rupenye..ley lak nk tiup2 lilin ag..huahua..salah eja aaa name aku kt kek..sengal nye secret recipe nye staff..ish..=(
nway love all of u..^^ mmuah!!!
thx tau 4 all da presents and bday kek n prayers..i love u all soooooooo much..^^ kn bgs if he can join us..^^

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lazy mode

aku nga mls nih..
lg 2 days nk OPM..uih..satu pe pun x stat ag..
sabo je la..
cmne ek?
baru chapter 1..
*differentiate OM for product-based and service organizaton
*4 main components of OPM (input,output [ade input mesti de output],control system and transformation process
*challenges for opm (7) ; increased globalization, adv in tech, mass customization, empowered employee and higher productivity etc...
hehe..sengal sungguh..chapter 1 baru..hehe..better late than never.. E****** sempat ag g cc n tgk bola..pergh..
sempoi sungguh kamu..
kamu da study kot..^^

okla...bye2 from now..if i'm sleepy..i'll write again..haha
[bace buku,cpt beno ngantuk]


Tuesday, April 28, 2009