Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lazy mode

aku nga mls nih..
lg 2 days nk OPM..uih..satu pe pun x stat ag..
sabo je la..
cmne ek?
baru chapter 1..
*differentiate OM for product-based and service organizaton
*4 main components of OPM (input,output [ade input mesti de output],control system and transformation process
*challenges for opm (7) ; increased globalization, adv in tech, mass customization, empowered employee and higher productivity etc...
hehe..sengal sungguh..chapter 1 baru..hehe..better late than never.. E****** sempat ag g cc n tgk bola..pergh..
sempoi sungguh kamu..
kamu da study kot..^^

okla...bye2 from now..if i'm sleepy..i'll write again..haha
[bace buku,cpt beno ngantuk]


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

aku tension..

bengang nye..but i wont tell y..
bley plak eh..tetibe je..xde hujan xde ribut..tetibe je kn..
perlu ke ckp cm2?
waaaaaghhhh!!tlg..wut had happened,let it be..
truskn je idup..mkn katak byk2 lg bgs tau..^^

eat the frog 1st...byk ag mende penting nk kene wut..y now?

hm...okla..aku da ok sket...nk sambung wut proposal..Oh God..tell me how do i feel bout the past..


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

working on final project paper..

chapter 1 is done, waiting for my brain to start working on..i'm about to finish my written paper soon..^^
i'm so happy..yea!! actually i'm still in da middle of reading all the eyes kind of getting blurr reading all the wordssss...

The design and construction of a food irradiator are important considerations in
the treatment of the product, since they affect the dose distribution in the product and
the dose range attainable. Irradiators are generally designed either specifically for
food irradiation or for multipurpose applications which may include some foods.
Many of the irradiator concepts discussed in this book also apply to other processing
applications, for example radiation sterilization, waste treatment and processing of
various materials.(cited references) nye nk bace..^^
later..nk kua mkn..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Proposal Presentation..

the effect of iiradiation on the microbial burden of the Pereskia sacharosa

May Allah showers me with all His blessings..^^

Sunday, April 12, 2009

monday MORNING

yo! yo!!yo!!!

hehe..cmbestje..^^arini no classes at all..^^ *happy mode*
so blogging early in the morning is kind of refreshing..^^

today..i want to do many undone things..
for this time being,my life is just about finishing all the proposal things, tests, mind maps and etc..
no play-play anymore..^^
i'm looking forward this friday afternoon..i want to go home..^^ yeah!! going back home is like go to heaven!! yeay!!
no worries at all..^^ study when i feel like it..sleep when i want to everything.. x?
best gile..

oklaa..i'm so looking forward nk balik umah..
but b4 dat..i want to finish up all my business in UiTM,then shoot to Ampang..^^

ok2..gotto go..till the next post!! x siap lak keje2 yg melambak nanti..


Saturday, April 11, 2009

getting done..

currently i'm editting my Proposal Presentation Powerpoint slides. At the moment, my literature review still need to be revised and added on. what more to added, is still in progress..
Even with brainless empty mind..i want to make it done before i go back to Shah Alam.

effect of irradiation on microbial burden of P. Sacharosa

hm..sound really interesting..but since i started doing it at the last minutes, it getting a lil bit hard to finish it up thoroughly as i always do..cincailaa..da x sempat da nk pk byk..nway,alot of efforts need to be done when i need to real all long journals by those with brain ..why they have to write all those journals..panjang pulak tue..make it short laa..precise..hehe..^^ sukati je ngutuk..well,normal laa org da x sempat nk wut..mmg cmni..risau seyh!!

literature review..

i'm in the middle of searching journals for my literature review..i want to get it done as soon as i could..well last nite konon2 nye nk wut..alih2,membuta obviously my fault kt c2..hehe

oklah..i want to take my bath,and taking a walk or jogging jap..^^ kot2 pas jogging,my blank mind will be full of ideas for my literature reviews..^^ *prayers*

okla...lame2 kt dpn laptop nih..x jd nk wut mende len kang..^^



All ALONE..not left BEHIND..

i'm at home right now..heaven!!
but i'm all alone..
as nobody home!!
should i say i'm afraid of being alone? idk about to prove it?hm..let me think just for a
no solution come let it be a question forever..till the day it reveals the truth..hikhikhik.. boring..listening on sad songs..very sentimental one..freaking me out..haha..just or not..i'm going to stop now..if not i'll be talking nonsense..haha
ok then..
till the moment i write again..cya!!

FRUST la..

so frustrated..=(

today's date : 11th of april 2009, the worse presentation that i ever done!!
last nite,finished up the OPM project folio..last that was my fault..^^
that bad thing became worse when in the middle of the night, a gurl with 'mcm bgs' attitude came in the room of 6 or us (me,mel,fiza,yoyo,waq and syuk) , told us to go upstairs..
i dont mind if she asked in a decent way..

korang,x bley laa stay up lame2 kt bawah 'xtau name'
mara..die x kua skang eh..lagi2 ade laki pulak tuh..and bla..bla..bla
..with the face yg x bley bla..x bley bla sungguh..the face..ish geramnye!!
so we ended up continue in our room,without printed it laa,x pasal2 warden turun..
abes aa..
but yg penting skali..
thanx to the newly wed couple..ops..^^
thanx to bro and N..both of u help us alot..w/o kowang, our folio wont be able to be finished up..
arigatou gozaimasu *bow*
but hectic gle this morning, then i presented cm hampeh..x bley bla..xske laa nk ingat..worse thing ever happened today..da laa sakit c2
so tonite, my plan is to finish up my powerpoint presentation yg x bape nk siap..cuak lol
i hope everything will be just fine..
hm..teringat kt pakcik..windu nye..^^ take care owez ye my sweetest pakcik..^^ cian die arini..kne masuk tank..^^ops..out of topic ..yg pasal pakcik x ag adelaa..^^ hehe
*gedik mode*
till then..jaa...*waving like a little girl* (",)