Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lazy mode

aku nga mls nih..
lg 2 days nk OPM..uih..satu pe pun x stat ag..
sabo je la..
cmne ek?
baru chapter 1..
*differentiate OM for product-based and service organizaton
*4 main components of OPM (input,output [ade input mesti de output],control system and transformation process
*challenges for opm (7) ; increased globalization, adv in tech, mass customization, empowered employee and higher productivity etc...
hehe..sengal sungguh..chapter 1 baru..hehe..better late than never.. E****** sempat ag g cc n tgk bola..pergh..
sempoi sungguh kamu..
kamu da study kot..^^

okla...bye2 from now..if i'm sleepy..i'll write again..haha
[bace buku,cpt beno ngantuk]


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